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Classic Feel Good

Old Hollywood Charm and Class

Leena Allure loves to embody the glamour of old Hollywood. Flashing lights, luxurious furs, diamonds, and a good ol’ cigarette. Leena Allure embody this classic look and leaves you feeling a bit more luxurious and feeling good.


Come Fly with me, lets fly away

Leena Allure is a vintage bombshell ready to take you sky high. Her retro charms and charismatic smile, will make this flight all the more alluring. Leena Allure will take the breath right out of you as she takes you on this aviation adventure.

Dancing Skeleton

It is what's underneath that counts

Leena Allure, the picture of perfect pinup, knows how to parade around in her best garbs. She is ready to strut her stuff and bare not only her perfect porcelain flesh, but also her sparkling white bones just for your entertainment.

Blue Delight (Fan Dance)

That blue makes your eyes sparkle

Leena Allure embodies a very classic style burlesque with this act. This act is all about the tease. As she prances around on stage the big reveal is all about the fan dance.

Suit Up

Dress to kill

Leena Allure is all suited up for a black tie event. With her on time reveals with the music, she is full of charm, class, and suave movements. She is dress to kill is this tuxedo act  that even makes the ladies swoon.


Taking the reigns till the end

Leena Allure is jaw dropping in this world stopping act. This act is all about strong movement with body and fabric. Vibrant reds and metallic tones fill the stage as Leena rocks her never ending curves and retro looks.


I'm fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing.

Now think of the most harmless thing, something that you loved from your childhood, something that could never ever possible….oh what the hell… Leena Allure take on this classic is make you call on her again.


Wham Bam

Red and gold fantasy

80's upbeat act with alot of attitude


Wham Bam

Red and gold fantasy

80's upbeat act with alot of attitude

Mix Bag of Acts

The show must go on...

Leena Allure is know for producing quality acts at the drop of a hat. She can change look, add/remove props, follow themes, and change songs within a few week notice. This quality makes her Detroit premier performer for any event.

More Acts Coming Soon

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